The artist’s inspiration

The nature is Linoy’s inspiration and her art deals with the landscapes she finds interesting.

After working with a variety of materials, she chose to work mainly with oils on canvas that allow her freedom of creative work.

She likes to work with oil paints, thanks to their plasticity, and most of all, because they turns into marvelous combination of hues and textures, and their vitality last for many decades.

In her work she combines techniques of Impressionism and Expressionism.

Artistic career:

Linoy holds an academic degree in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

She began painting nine years ago, when she earned a scholarship to art instruction school, and during her studies fell in love with painting, and decided to focus on creating art.

She continues to develop and formulate her techniques on a daily basis and enjoys the road.

In the coming years she hopes to continue to be moved by the landscape she sees.

“I would like to think that when people look at my works, they experience some emotions, and in order to experience those emotions again and again, they choose to take my works with them.”

I believe that “People will not remember what you said to them or what you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” And creating is actually my opportunity – to connect people to their emotions.


Linoy focus on oil paints. The first layers of the painting she keeps airy and thin and as the picture crystallizes so the layers of color become thicker and more expressive.

Sometimes she starts the work from first lines that convey the neutral view, and sometimes the impression is so strong that she passes the same impression at the beginning using the lines, colors and shapes.

Her favorite instrument is the palette knife, which allows her to move more emotion into the canvas.

Why does she paint ?

This is her way to share with others the unique way she sees the world. She enjoys combining vivid colors with different textures. She likes to think of her work as something that can be touched. This is her way of turning her inner world into tangible.

Your experience, I hope…

Linoy would like to think that when people look at her works, they experience some emotion from the past and miss it, or an emotion they would like to experience in the future, and her work is what allows them to experience now this emotion .

When they take her work with them, it will allow them at any given moment to connect to the same emotion, and experience it every time anew. She believes in the phrase “People will not remember what you said to them or what you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel” and creating is actually her chance – getting people to connect to their emotions.

Exhibitions I took part in

2019 Assistance to Ralf Westerhof – Light in Jerusalem Festival

2019 Exhibit – Sarona Gallery, Golda center, Tel Aviv

2019 Participation – Universal Art Gallery’s annual catalog

2018 Joint exhibition Universal Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018 Participation – Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv

2017 Solo exhibition – City Hall, Ness Zionna

2017 Participation – Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv

2016 Solo exhibition  – Memorial Center, Ness Zionna

2015 Joint exhibition “International Women’s Day”, Ashkelon

2015 Joint exhibition – Achva Academic Institute

2014 Joint exhibition – Achva Academic Institute

2013 Joint exhibition – Achva Academic Institute


2014-2019 – Avni institute of art and design, Tel Aviv.

2012-2017 – Evgenia Borda artist’s studio.

2012-2014 – Art teaching for informal education – Achva Academic Institute

2010 – The Open University – Humanities and Social Sciences (B.A)